The Light of Day

The Light of Day

There are different kinds of writers out there.  Some sit down and hammer out a story, one at a time, while others like myself dabble across a ton of different stories seemingly simultaneously.  I tend to think that if you are rating these styles in terms of efficiency the former would end up producing things on a more regular basis, while the latter will see intermittant flurries of activity.

I’ve written quite a bit lately, and while some stories are going out to calls for submissions, many were just written for fun.  Most of the time when this happens I squrril them away into my Google Drive, and await for a call for a submission that matches the content that I’ve created, or for some distant day when I’ve written enough stores along the same theme or world to bundle them together and release an anthology.

But several of the authors that I follow release their shorts as stand along products on Amazon, and I thought that was a cool idea.  Releasing stories for a couple of bucks allows them to see the light of day, instead of just languishing in my digital folder.

So bare with me as I dust off some old gems and throw them out there for you all to enjoy.


Another Year Begins

Often times when I publish anything on my obscure little blog here I feel as though all I am really doing is talking to nobody. My grey cells composing sentences for the ether of the Internet, and nothing else. And sometimes that is a comfort just as much as it is a punch to the gut. But here we are in 2022, and I’m at it again.

There are just certain things that I can’t help but gravitate toward in my life.  My fascination with bugs, my love for windy days, and writing fun little works of fiction. With this new year I hope to find the time to enjoy all of these things.

My Kindle Vella series is a good start. I’m five episodes in, and having fun flying by the seat of my pants. Taking a page from Stephen King’s book, I’m setting the stage and letting the characters really fight in my mind. It’s been fun seeing how they can find their way out of the jams I put them in.

Here is a link to that Vella series of mine:

But I’m addition to this I want to continue to build up the number of publications I have to my name. So finding a monthly submission, and writing to those specs will be a goal of mine. If I do 9 in a year I’ll be happy.

Then there is editing my novel. Yes that’s right, my novel. Did you know I wrote one? No one did. It’s sat finished in my Google drive for years now. Waiting to be edited and cleaned up. This year is going to be the year, and if I have to Sept publish it, so be it.

And that’s it. There you go. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Jack. May we all have a great 2022!

Office Monster

Office Monster

There once was a monster from under the sea,
Who decided to live a life like you or like me.

So he got a job at an office right quick,
as a Junior Sales Associate under Sales Manager Rick.

But selling software turned out to be a contemptuous map,
of needless policy meetings and jargon-laced crap.

The break room could hardly store the sea monsters lunch,
and when he tried to make friends they all ran in a bunch.

The VOIP phone they told him to use,
required fingers and thumbs, not fins, suckers, and hooves.

And while he found the smell of gull droppings quite charming,
it seemed that the others only found it alarming.

They weren’t happy at all that he brought them all snails,
they flat out refused to taste the brown glossy trails.

The keyboard and mouse were too hard to find,
once he covered his desk with seaweed and slime.

and don’t get them started when his skin got too crusty,
and he set off the sprinklers, man, humans were fussy.

His Outlook messages were also a mess,
with most of them written in old Norse at best.

But HR assured all that he should just be,
and noted the poster on diversity.

But after a week under those flickering lights,
the sea monster decided to give up the fight.

So when Rick asked him to come in on his precious free day,
to fill out reports that weren’t due anyway.

The monster puffed up, grunted, and then lifted his tail,
and sent something unpleasant by in-office mail.

The monster just couldn’t be human, this was a fact.
So he turned in his notice, and never looked back.

November Sonnet

November Sonnet 

With waxen features, its head jerked around
and lock eyes with me who stared down at it.
That dim well of ancient air underground
hid it from those who abided the writ.
Not I who had passed the posted warning,
and pulled free the iron disc that sealed.
To see what horror had caused the burning
to see if the horror of old was real.

I tried to move, and block the passage fast,
to stop the eagre staggering approach
it was too quick, and I too weak, alas!
It rose above me terrible and spoke:
“The sons of Adam hoped to keep me penned,
but all things hidden will return again.”

son·​net | \ ˈsä-nət  \

Definition of sonnet

: a fixed verse form of Italian origin consisting of 14 lines that are typically 5-foot iambics rhyming according to a prescribed schemealso : a poem in this pattern
Let’s Try Kindle Vella!

Let’s Try Kindle Vella!

So I came across this thing when reading my kindle the other day, called Kindle Vella.  Perhaps you have heard of it, I’m willing to wager most people are more informed than me about such things (especially savvy readers such as yourself).  But to me, this was wholly new and so I went looking into it.  A serial platform supported by Amazon?  I thought that this had potential.  I’m not the biggest Amazon fan, but I know that they have the resources to make a nice product.

I’ve always been interested in the short story format, particularly the pulps, and while this is not exactly like publishing to those magazines of yester-year it seemed to have a bit of the spirit of them.  Deliverable ongoing stories right to people’s phones I think has a lot of potential.

And so I got to work drafting an exciting adventure/horror story about surviving a haunted mansion.  Today I published the first installment of my little foray into the Vella-verse!

I’m hoping to make it a regular thing, I think it’s a fun platform to try out.  I hope you all enjoy it.

The link to all of my Vella series can be found on my homepage.