Well, I’m happy to report that my last two story submissions have been picked up for publication by the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. It’s been a minute since I was included in one of their anthologies, and am very happy to have my work back in one of their books.

The first story will be part of the Recurring Nightmare series, which if I were to write an elevator pitch for it would go something like this:

The Dreams of Pan

Jessica couldn’t help but be excited to start her new job.  The fact that it was in such a small out of the way town seemed strange at first, but the chance to put together a new library was such an opportunity.  However when she comes across a unique book that should have never been included in the collection it sets her on a course to collide with powerful forces both tangable and cosmic.

The second story that the GLAHW group picked up was one that I submitted to their flagship anthology series Erie Tales.  This particular collection was one that was themed for classic movie monsters.  While I did briefly consider doing a mummy attack on an airplane, I landed on doing my take on the The Blob, which is such a fun monster. 

Here is my elevator pitch for this story:

No Country for Old Blobs

While monitoring the extraction data for one of the new mobile fracking installations chemists Moxy and Buck discover something strange floating in the wastewater.  Could this strange living substance have something to do with the death at the nearby farm?  Could the nearby town be in danger?

If you enjoy my work or are interested in reading these two fun pieces of short fiction, that I must say I am proud of, please pick up a copy of the books when they become available.  I’ll be sure to have updated information posted when it is known to me and link to the titles on the homepage, so keep your eyes peeled.