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Another Year Begins

Often times when I publish anything on my obscure little blog here I feel as though all I am really doing is talking to nobody. My grey cells...

Office Monster

Office Monster There once was a monster from under the sea,Who decided to live a life like you or like me. So he got a job at an office right quick,...

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The GLAHW Pulp Horror Review
The GLAHW Pulp Horror Review 14 members
This is the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers book club, where we take a look at short fiction in the public domain. The golden age of pulp magazines is where many of the common tropes and touchpoints of modern horror draw from, so lets dust some off and see what impact they still have on us, a modern audience. - This is a casual forum where all are welcome (Membership in the GLAHW not required) - Story selection will be handled by the group's moderators with input by its members - This group will cycle forward in monthly installments - All fiction reviewed in this club will be free to read and in the public domain, with links provided

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Queen of the Black Coast Queen of the Black Coast
by Robert E. Howard
Start date: September 1, 2021

The Human Chair The Human Chair
by Edogawa Rampo
Start date: August 1, 2021

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Matthew Tansek is a Detroit based writer and librarian who loves to bring the excitement of speculative fiction to new audiences.  After a decade of working with books, Matt knows what makes a good story- and it’s not five dollar words or trendy subject matter.  It’s compelling characters in evocative situations.

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