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Have you ever wondered what the first occult detective story was? Or how about the first story about an invisible monster? Or killer clown? Well you’re in the right place because in my bi-weekly podcast we will explore the firsts in horror literature. In each episode we’ll take a look at the authors that first dreamed up the concept, the context of the world that the idea was born into, as well as the stories and legacy those ideas have spurred since their inception.



Forgotten Fiction | Satan’s Bondage

Right now, as you are reading this there are thousands of works of fiction sitting on dusty shelves waiting ...
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Adventures in Writing | Subterranean Primer

Does the underground call to you?  Are you intrigued with dark subterranean spaces?  Well, you should be!  They can ...

Adventures in Reading | Jules de Grandin 1

Let me take a moment and put down some of my thoughts about this great little occult detective series ...
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New Fiction: Animal Control

If you noticed this week I have posted a new short story to my site titled Animal Control.  I ...
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Adventures in Writing | Gothic Horror Primer

I was asked the other day by a friend what my reading recommendations would be for someone looking to ...

An Occult Detective Steps from the Shadows

Like many people I've got a deep fascination with the pulp stories of yesteryear, and up until this point ...
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