I’ve got a new short story coming out next month called Ancient Grains.  Believe it or not this story came bout from a writing contest that I entered a while back that was calling for supernatural horror shorts that had bread as the subject matter.  I thought that the premise was so strange and challenging that I gave it a shot, and what was eventually written was a version of this story!

The inspiration for this story came from a bit of ghoulsish trivia that I read about how people in the middle ages would consume ground up mummy (and perhaps other human remains) because they believed that they contained revitalizing and/or magical powers.  Go ahead, google it and you’ll see what I mean.  Add to this the fact that I’ve become quite the avid sourdough baker this past year and you’ll agree that this story was kinda inevitable. 

Full of fun imagery edging toward the gross out I hope you find this short story as much fun to read as it was to write.