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Hello welcome and thank you for visiting my author site.   I’m a writer and fiction enthusiast from Detroit Michigan.  I’ve been telling stories and studying the art of fiction building since I was very young but began to focus on honing my writing (and began this site) in 2016.

Writing began for me as a creative outlet that I only shared with my friends and family, posting on private websites or emails, penning things we had done, or games we had played.  With this site I hope to do more than that, to share my successes and failures with a greater audience and have this be a conduit to participate with other writers and readers out there.

I grew up captivated by the horror pop culture of the 1990’s and the things I like to write about usually are inspired in some way by them. Games by White Wolf publishing and TSR as well as TV shows and movies like The X-Files, Twin Peaks, In the Mouth of Madness, and Sleepy Hollow can give you an idea where I’m coming from.  I also have a long running interest in the pulp fiction of yesteryear sometimes referred to as “the golden age of weird fiction”.  Authors like Robert E Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Ambrose Bierce, and Lovecraft have shaped my ideas about what horror could be.


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