There are different kinds of writers out there.  Some sit down and hammer out a story, one at a time, while others like myself dabble across a ton of different stories seemingly simultaneously.  I tend to think that if you are rating these styles in terms of efficiency the former would end up producing things on a more regular basis, while the latter will see intermittant flurries of activity.

I’ve written quite a bit lately, and while some stories are going out to calls for submissions, many were just written for fun.  Most of the time when this happens I squrril them away into my Google Drive, and await for a call for a submission that matches the content that I’ve created, or for some distant day when I’ve written enough stores along the same theme or world to bundle them together and release an anthology.

But several of the authors that I follow release their shorts as stand along products on Amazon, and I thought that was a cool idea.  Releasing stories for a couple of bucks allows them to see the light of day, instead of just languishing in my digital folder.

So bare with me as I dust off some old gems and throw them out there for you all to enjoy.