New Goodreads Group: Classic Pulp Review


So I’ve got the itch to go diving through some old pulp fiction magazines once again and I thought rather than write up a review of it and post it somewhere with the off chance that someone who reads the same obscure things goes looking for someone else who has read it, it would start a group to talk about the story.

I’ll be posting the first story at the beginning of next month, so stay tuned.  But it will be in the public domain on the Pulp Magazine Archive, so anyone with an internet connection will have free access to it.

This will be my first Goodreads group, and so I don’t know how much traction I’m going to get, but I figure what the hell. So if you are interested in talking about a fun, quick, and probably over the top little read, this is going to be the group for you!

Here is the link to the group:

It’s an open group, so feel free to join now, even if you plan on participating later. All are welcome!

1 thought on “New Goodreads Group: Classic Pulp Review

  1. So I was approached by the good people over at GLAHW to put together a book club and thought that I would focus my efforts towards that. So if you read this and were wondering what happened to this, rest assured it is continuing, just now it will be under the auspices of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. Hope to see you over there.

    I’ll add a link to it once it has been made public.

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