Matthew Tansek

Exploring the byways of imagination

The Search for the
Forbidden Door

Kauai rises out of the pacific shrouded in mist and jungle. Strange things have been reported by lifelong residents and tourists alike. Lights aglow in strange colors upon the mountains, nocturnal insects buzzing in ways that sound like speech. Unnamed men on the roads at night keeping people from traveling to remote destinations.

Private investigator Brian Cray needs your help if he is going to find notable Archaeologist Robert Lockwood and his research assistant. Leads are growing thin and a trek out to the research camp high up upon the Napali coast might be the only move left if he is going to find some answers, and he doesn’t want to go it alone.

You’ve dreamt about a door under the island. A door in the darkness. Is that what Lockwood discovered? Is that why he is missing?

Pack your bags, you’re about to find out!


– Branching Investigation Paths
– An exotic island theme
– Content suitable for all ages and groups
– Five pre-generated characters
– High Quality Player handouts
– PDF bookmarks
– Full-color artwork

This Call of Cthulhu scenario was created in conjunction with the courses provided by the Storytelling Collective.