Creative Flex: Driving towards creativity

My attempt at flexing my creative muscles when I find myself dying of boredom in the real world.  Today it was waiting for an oil change for my car.

Here we go:


Things/ideas that interest you in that moment, you have 60 seconds

  1. The color of oil
  2. Unreliable Cars
  3. Open road at night
  4. Roadside Oddities (Mystery Spots)
  5. Being stranded
  6. The arbitrary dividing of wilderness
  7. Urban legend: The Jersey Devil
  8. Rivers of light & how they mimic condensation trails
  9. Things abandoned on the side of the road
  10. The toll of animal life


Put together two “what if…” sentences born out of the list above

     What if after a breakdown something strange is discovered abandoned on the side of the road?  What if it was left there on purpose?


Jot down three sentences directly about or illustrating a potential character for this story idea

     LeVar is between jobs, heading across the state to a friend’s house where he will be living until he is back on his feet.  When his laden car breaks down his fear of being stranded in the wilderness surfaces, stemming from a childhood incident.  He is too proud to call his friends/family for assistance opting instead to try and patch things up with the tools he has brought with him.  

     He had just unburied his toolkit from the contents in his car when something caught his eye, half obscured by the gnarled treeline beyond the shoulder of the road…

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