Creative Flex: The Magic of Music


My attempt at flexing my creative muscles when I find myself dying of boredom in the real world.

Ready, Set,


Things/ideas that interest you in that moment, you have 60 seconds

  1. Hidden meanings in music
  2. Reversed speech having a second meaning
  3. Selling your soul for musical gifts
  4. Hidden speakeasys during prohibition
  5. Early automation and the culture of US industry
  6. Deviants to the nuclear family, and ties to the “old world”
  7. Men with hats, and the immersiveness of fashion
  8. Signatures and the importance placed on your personal/unique mark


Put together two “what if…” sentences born out of the list above

What if someone new stumbled into a secret speakeasy during the height of prohibition, someone who is clearly an outsider?

What if that speakeasy wasn’t just a dispensary for drinks, but a backroom marketplace for “old world” magic?


Jot down three sentences directly about or illustrating a potential character for this story idea

Paul was a tweed wearing bespectacled academic by nature, far happier to be reading an account of someone else’s adventures than to be having one himself.  Nevertheless he was determined to find the composer to that incredible bundle of sheet music he had come across near the wharf, like always curiosity had directed his feet.  More incredible than the vanishing wall that lead down into that smoke ensorcelled chamber, more alluring than the winking glossy haired woman that had taken his arm, was the melody that blanked his mind and sent prickling electricity through him.

Photo by Dark Rider on Unsplash

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