Creative Flex: Looking to the future from the past

My attempt at flexing my creative muscles when I find myself dying of boredom in the real world.

Ready, Set,


Things/ideas that interest you in that moment, you have 60 seconds

  1. Laser guns
  2. Jet packs
  3. Han Solo
  4. Helmets w/fins
  5. Derigables
  6. An ancent jewel
  7. Early cars
  8. The space race
  9. Top secret government projects
  10. Early treatment of women in the military


Put together two “what if…” sentences born out of the list above

What if a thief used the components of a secret government aeronaut project to steal a controversial jewel?

What if to preserve the secrecy the military authorized the project team to use their work to bring the thief to justice?


Jot down three sentences directly about or illustrating a potential character for this story idea

    Beryl Blake is the recruit that set the record and beat the best, yet was denied enrollment into the air force.  A daughter of the Motor City, she has spent her life pursuing the fields that society has tried to teach her were out of her reach.  A headstrong loner that is first to take on a challenge, last to ask for help, and perhaps the best shot the country has at mitigating an international catastrophe.

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