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Terror in the Library
Full story readings of horror fiction

Discover a treasure trove of fantastic horror stories! These full story readings are in the public domain and are handpicked and produced exclusively for matthewtansek.com.

The Night Song
A six-part audio tale of nocturnal horror

Does the night wind beckon you from your window?

Does the danger of the black veil excite your soul?

There is more to the world when the sun goes down; something nameless is added as the light dies away. My name is Douglas Ingram, and for as long as I can remember I have been unable to resist the song of the crickets and the darkness just beyond my door. When the rest of the world goes quiet and turns in, I head out, but far too often I get wrapped up in the events I’m just out there to observe. I’ve learned that the greatest beauty and the greatest horrors emerge when they think nobody is watching. I’ve seen monsters that masquerade as men, I’ve heard the dead whisper and I’ve even felt the pulse of the moon. It’s about time I share these things with you, and the rest of the waking world. These are my stories…

Coming Soon!

A continuing podcast examining the origins of common horror tropes

Have you ever wondered what the first occult detective story was? Or how about the first story about an invisible monster? Or killer clown? Well, you’re in the right place because in this podcast we will explore the firsts in horror literature. In each episode, we’ll take a look at the authors that first dreamed up the concept, the context of the world that the idea was born into, as well as the stories and legacy those ideas have spurred since their inception.

From the Writing Desk

So I've been contemplating perspectives in fiction, and if you're like me you might have trouble choosing the one that is best suited to the story that you are telling.  Now I grant you, not all stories need to be limited to just one perspective type.  You may find it necessary to switch between perspectives and styles, especially if you ...
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Have you ever read a story that really was a story within a story?  "Two for the price of one," you might be thinking to yourself.  "That's great!!!" Well yeah sometimes, but calm down.  This type of literary device is one that has existed for way longer than you might have thought, and it may surprise you to learn that the ...
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This piece, more a fragment than any actual story first came about when I was composing a facet of a table top role-playing game in 2016.  While never actually making it into the game, the idea of a person that you could go to, to find the answers you were seeking by the interpretation, transportation and manipulation of dreams intrigued ...
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