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The Last of the Bearded Lady

The Last of the Bearded Lady

This fun little fragment was done as a write up to give some flavor to a fantasy game I was invited to participate in. The banter between the two scoundrels was a lot of fun, and although there is a lot of terms and jargon I feel like the thread is never lost as to...

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The Beetle Hunter by Arthur Conan Doyle

A detective story by Art Doyle (that isn't Sherlock related) that centers around madness and bugs.  Its unusual cast of characters is what brings this story to life, and draws you to its odd conclusion. Link to text To connect or get more info on this series please...

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Matthew Tansek is a Detroit based writer and librarian who loves to bring the excitement of speculative fiction to new audiences.  After a decade of working with books, Matt knows what makes a good story- and it’s not five dollar words or trendy subject matter.  It’s compelling characters in evocative situations.

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